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I bet I am like a lot of professional women who dedicated their lives to their career and children and now find ourselves close to or past menopause and we realize that we did not dedicate time to ourselves. While friends and family were celebrating this and that, we were working that extra hour, perfecting a new skill or craft, or making sure our children did not need anything. We are super committed to our professional lives and families; we see the time go by and we realize our most prized possession is ourselves! When we are young we have vibrancy and hope. As we mature, we develop perseverance and wisdom. Now is the time to enjoy our lives and unashamedly be ourselves! It is time we celebrate our womanhood!

In this blog we are going to talk all about not only menopause, perimenopause, but also skin care and beauty and pampering ourselves. Many new and interesting topics will be included as well. I hope to have you join in our journey through this time of discovery and empowerment.

A Little About Me

I am a Pediatrician, mother, intrepid explorer, and continuous learner. I am currently doing my degree in Cosmetic Chemistry with the Institute of Personal Care Sciences and studying Botany for cosmeceuticals.
I trained in Brazil and the US. The reason I dedicate my life to Medicine is to help others. I have worked with children and their families all my professional life and now I am motivated to empower women to reach their full potential.
I have a startup, Eirwen, which is a beauty brand for women that know their value and wisdom even as we get older. I feel I have really started living once I accepted myself and my idiosyncrasies.

We are a small business company set up in beautiful Alaska. The boreal forest and the arctic are our inspiration. We moved from busy Florida to find peace and tranquility after changes in my professional and personal lives. My three children and myself loved the move and it took bravery and courage to pack up and leave home for the unknown.  I am a physician and throughout my life I have been constricted by other people‚Äôs expectations and my own feelings that I owed people my sacrifice for their benefits. Reaching 50 years of age and giving up so much of my stamina and mental energy to build up those that surrounded me in my personal life and professional life, I decided to break the shackles, get a divorce, and leave a very constrictive work environment and set myself free. Alaska brought us peace and will to live. Nature is pristine and marvelous here. My daughter Paloma and I started investigating the rich botanical life of the boreal forest and the incredible plants of the Arctic that can resist the most extreme weather on the planet. The love of botany and nature was synergistically added to my love of helping people and we decided to learn more (research and study are my passion) and I enrolled in further studies in cosmetic formulation and business management.  That leads us to study botany and the benefits to our health from these fantastic plants.  We started formulating products for our skin. Our work is a labor of love, creativity, and science.  Each product is scientifically formulated to provide you with the best that nature has to offer. with natural and naturally derived ingredients. When using natural ingredients causes devastation to our environment, a natural identical product will be used. Our products are tested in human volunteers and never in animals. We abide by cruelty free products. We look for suppliers that are certified sustainably harvested and will not support deforestation and destruction of our precious natural resources, be it in temperate or tropical zones. We at Eirwen look for alternatives to products derived from endangered species. 

Another of our pillars is our concern for our environment and climate justice to all. I am happy that we are currently paying more attention to the impact our species is having on our planet. Eirwen is joining the movement to make wise business decisions that help protect the environment and forge bonds with like-minded businesses. Partnership and cooperation are imperative to change!

 Our mission is to always offer you with the care and vitality of natural elements including those of boreal and arctic origin, crafted in our labs where we do our research to provide you with the best nature and science have to offer to complement your lifestyle while protecting our environment. We are living longer and yet the market is centered in youth. We need a line of products that is created for mature skin. We are mature women; we are proud of our accomplishments. We have dedicated our lives to others. Now it is time to take care of ourselves. Afterall, beauty has no age. This is how Eirwen was born. We are in our product development stage. Follow us!

 We would like to extend this opportunity to take care of your beauty.


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